Kissing A Fool Print

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A2 - 420x594mm

This photograph was taken on the set during the video shoot for ‘Kissing A Fool’ in 1987.  It was the last single from George’s debut solo album ‘Faith’.  George later recalled, ‘I wrote the entire music & lyrics to Kissing A Fool in my head on a plane to Japan. And you know the incredible thing is, I don’t write them down, they stay in there. I honestly did not record that song that I wrote in my head for something like six or eight months. If you listen to the vocal of Kissing A Fool, what is remarkable about that vocal is I sang it with no music. I had the drum track going on the background, with the dong dong on the cymbal and everything and I said just leave that running and I’ll sing the song. I did the whole thing without anything to tune to, just literally singing it a cappella and it worked. So in my head, I had the feeling of the band around me & I sang the whole thing as I thought it would be. And the amazing thing is that’s the vocal we used.

Photograph by Chris Cuffaro