George's debut album, "Faith," released in 1987, was a massive commercial success and helped establish him as a solo artist after his departure from the pop duo Wham!. The album features a blend of different musical styles, including pop, rock, and soul, and includes hit singles such as "Faith," "Father Figure," and "One More Try." The album's themes touch on love, sex, and relationships, and the tracks are characterized by George's distinctive vocals and skillful songwriting. "Faith" remains a classic of 80s pop music and a testament to George Michael's talent as a solo artist.

Listen Without Prejudice

"Listen Without Prejudice" is George's second solo album by the English singer-songwriter, released in 1990. The album showcases a more mature and introspective side of his songwriting, with a focus on social and political issues, as well as personal struggles. The album includes hit singles such as "Freedom! '90" and "Praying for Time," which remain beloved classics to this day.

"Listen Without Prejudice" remains a highly regarded and influential album in the pop music canon, showcasing George's evolution as an artist and his commitment to exploring new artistic directions.


"Older" is George's third solo studio album, released in 1996. The album is widely regarded as one of George's finest works, showcasing a sophisticated blend of pop, soul, and jazz influences. The album features hit singles such as "Jesus to a Child" and "Fastlove," and is notable for its introspective themes of loss, regret, and mortality. George's rich and emotive vocals, combined with his skillful songwriting and production, make "Older" a timeless and deeply affecting album that resonates with listeners to this day.

Songs From The Last Century

"Songs from the Last Century" is the fourth studio album by George, released in 1999. The album features Michael's interpretations of classic songs from the 20th century, with a focus on jazz and swing standards. The album includes covers of songs such as "Roxanne," "My Baby Just Cares for Me," and "Wild is the Wind," showcasing Michael's skillful vocal performances and his deep appreciation for timeless music. "Songs from the Last Century" is a departure from George's earlier pop-oriented work, but it remains a beloved and underrated gem in his discography, showcasing his versatility as an artist and his passion for music of all genres.


"Patience" is the fifth and final studio album released by George in 2004. The album features a blend of pop, R&B, and soul influences, and includes hit singles such as "Amazing" and "Flawless (Go to the City)." The album is characterized by George's signature smooth vocals and skillful songwriting, and showcases his talent for crafting emotionally resonant tracks that touch on themes such as love, loss, and redemption.

Twenty Five

"Twenty Five" is a retrospective compilation album released in 2006, marking 25 years since George Michael's music career began. The album features some of his most beloved hits from his solo career and his time as part of the duo Wham!, including "Careless Whisper," "Faith," and "Freedom! '90." Additionally, the album includes several new tracks, such as "An Easier Affair" and "This Is Not Real Love" featuring Mutya Buena. "Twenty Five" is a comprehensive collection that celebrates George Michael's remarkable musical journey and serves as a testament to his timeless talent and enduring popularity among fans worldwide.


Symphonica showcases George's incredible vocal prowess and his ability to seamlessly blend pop and classical music. The album features live recordings of some of his greatest hits, including "Praying for Time," "A Different Corner," and "Freedom! '90," all accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. George's rich and emotive voice effortlessly soars over the lush orchestral arrangements, adding a new level of grandeur and sophistication to his beloved songs. "Symphonica" is a testament to George Michael's unparalleled talent and his ability to continuously reinvent his music, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

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